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Music has colors… as well as textures and energy. Our favorite Lifestyle Music craftsman, Waldino returns with a new collection of musical motifs, RANDOM SCATTERED COLORS. This soundtrack of soul-tugging jazz vibes and melodic dance grooves will play like a weekend every time you turn it on. The one-time, in demand emergency room maxillofacial surgeon returned to music composition after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s over a decade ago. Since that time, Dr. Walter Liskiewicz (aka Waldino) has prolifically created over a dozen albums… all compelling and kinetic upon the last. The perennial composer delivers a stunning set of songs here with RSC, just hit Play/Repeat and see/feel the music for yourself!


From audio craftsman, Waldino, comes his latest recording, and his most exciting yet, SMILE, featuring mood music for a happier life! Electro-positive beats enhanced by compelling lyrics in between the chilled, musical vibe, from the infectious title track to the highly motivating, "You Know You Got It," to the captivating, "Turn Me Around," SMILE is an Ibiza-conjuring soundtrack drenched with melody and splashed with sunshine! The doctor of groove, Walter Liskiewicz (aka Waldino) is one of the most prolific recording artists in the genre with new releases every other year on average and many more songs in the works, it's a nonstop creative flow for the retired maxillofacial surgeon! Download the album and turn up your SMILE!

REVIEW : Free Flower 

Waldino, the prolific song craftsman we’ve come to know and love over the past decade has released another bouquet of songs with fresh beats and vibrant melodies here on FREE FLOWER… The reflective artist in full bloom on another mindful, musical journey into love and life!

REVIEW : At the Oasis 

Waldino’s brand new album out and it’s one of his most enthralling to date! AT THE OASIS features Spanish guitar flavored chill-out vibes, jazz-infused jams, international espionage drama and deliciously seductive rhythms run deep throughout this hydrating musical offering from the doctor of soulful swagger.


Submit to the groove… feel the love. ‘Cause that’s what it’s all about on the latest  release from The Love Gypsies. WHERE IS THE LOVE is bombtastic… a fun, hip recording stuffed full with 14 killer tracks that exude soul and funk with a chilled, lounge finish. Think Black Eyed Peas meet Stevie Ray Vaughn meets Tower of Power, then relax that thought .

REVIEW : Waldino Goes Latino

Everything you love about Mexico, South America and Espania comes to life in vivid color on Waldino’s latest recording – A festive and moving project  with upbeat and exotic rhythms utilizing Spanish guitar liberally and effectively along with seductive beats and percussion. Chill Out vibes with Latino grooves… Perfecto!

REVIEW : Coming Home For Christmas

Waldino’s first holiday release, COMING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, captures the essence of love and connectivity during the holiday season with soulful vocals, chilled instrumentals and all of the textures and intrigue you’ve come to expect from this unstoppable songwriter, producer and artist!


The Allure soundscape is one of unfiltered hope and higher love through intelligent, poignant lyrics. ENCHANT ME is as inviting as a midnight swim on a balmy, moonlit night. Together, the two live up to their concept name with brand new, ALLURING, rhythmic songs : electronica organica!


A soulful blend of vocals and instrumentals swirled with persuasive rhythms and beats. This engaging collaborative features critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Laura Chandler and chill composer Waldino… the musical wizard and the adept chanteuse cleverly spin colorful lyrics covering the full spectrum of life, love and healing. 12 sumptuous tracks that will leave you wanting more.